Diabetes in some respects can be a life long condition but in many cases has been cured. Diabetes is a condition that causes an individuals blood sugar to become too high

There are approximately just over 3 million people aged 16 and over that are currently suffering with diabetes at the moment. Many people today are walking around suffering with diabetes and don’t even realise that they have actually got the disease.

In the majority of diabetes cases diabetes type 2 is the kind of diabetes that most people are suffering from. By 2030 it is estimated that approximately 4.6 million people will be suffering with diabetes if current trends continue out of that number of diabetes suffers 90% are suffering with diabetes type 2.

Some surveys have made estimates of there being around 850,000 undiagnosed diabetes cases

pre diabetes is when an individual has borderline diabetes and their sugar range is approximately between 7-9 regularly but haven’t quite yet developed full blown diabetes whereby their sugar levels are completely out of control, they are not usually diagnose as diabetics. If someone suffers from pre diabetes this could quite easily develop into full blown diabetes quite easily.

Just like any disease that is left unchecked it will get progressively worse so the earlier your diabetes is diagnosed the better. The signs if any that you may be developing diabetes are passing urine more frequently than you usually do, an unusual feeling of thirstiness on a regular basis and an ongoing feeling of tiredness. Your initial place to go when you have health issues is to your GP surgery but in most cases they may not be able to cure your diabetes problem but will give you drugs such as Metformin and gliclizine in the case of diabetes 2 and tell you that you will be on theses drugs for life. These drugs act on your pancreas and cause biological changes to start to happen in your body so what is actually taking place is the drugs are suppress in the glucose released in your body and eventually your body becomes dependent on these drugs which is fine if you don’t mind that sort of thing and you will more than likely be told that you will be on these drugs for life and that there is no cure for diabetes. Many people today have completely cured themselves of diabetes naturally but if you are going to go down that route make sure that you seek out a well trained practitioner………….

The main symptoms of diabetes

Urinating more often than usual mainly in the night

an extreme thirsty feeling

if you cut yourself the cut or wound takes longer to heal

you may get thrush which is itching around you vagina or penis and this can start to happen on a regular basis.

If diabetes is left untreated after a while you can start to get blurred vision and dry eyes. 

Diabetes type 1 can just come straight out of the blue and affect you extremely fast. it has been know to affect people within a few weeks or even a few days with regards to certain individuals…………..

the early symptoms of diabetes type 2 are quite difficult to recognise clinically so in truth an individual could be walking around for many years with diabetes type 2 and not even realise. The problem arises in the fact that when a persons level of sugar is high for a prolonged period of time this can start to cause circulation problems and over time necrosis to extremities of limbs and kidney failure.                    

What causes Diabetes

Situated behind an individuals stomach is the pancreas gland. This gland is manipulated by a hormone called insulin. A person that is suffering with diabetes finds it very difficult for their blood cells to break down glucose because the mechanism that should be moving the glucose into the cells is either in short supply or not functioning as it should. Food that has completed the digestion process in part is change to glucose and stored in the liver. It is then released into the blood with the view of the insulin from the pancreas transporting this glucose from the blood stream into the blood cells.


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