Doctor Stephen Ferguson – I am ok now diabetes hypertension and high cholesterol are all gone – live blood test

I visited Doctor Stephen Ferguson having suffered from diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels. Life before Dr Stephen Ferguson was terrible, it was difficult to put my diabetes in check, I was a sick man. I didn’t have energy most of the time. This affected my ability to work, used to call in sick most of the time at work. Being a manager you can not afford to be sick, as the job requires you to be around all the time. So eventually I had to leave the job and try to get better without worrying about the pressure at work. Quitting my job meant that I had to survive on limited funds, which made life even more stressful having to look after my wife and children.

I came to see Dr Stephen Ferguson for a live blood test. The live blood test showed that my blood circulation was not good and this was the route cause of all the problems. Dr Stephen Ferguson put me on 8weeks programme which included food supplements and vitamins to help with cleansing my blood plus everything that was going on. The amazing thing was, half way through, I lost 2 stones. My blood pressure became partly normal, cholesterol went down. My energy was boosted, no more the lazy chap I had become. The anti- ageing cream made my skin really nice and looks younger in appearance. I feel a lot younger myself like a little boy. I can even go to the gym now without worrying about anything.

At the end of the 8weeks I felt so normal; my blood pressure was normal and didn’t have to take the blood pressure tablets anymore. My blood sugar levels went down too. I felt so great that even when I came back to see Dr Stephen Ferguson for another live blood test, my blood was so healthy, circulation was so good.

Eventually I was able to find another job which had less pressure. I am happy with my life now, my family is happy for me too. My wife joined the programme too, came to see Dr Stephen Ferguson for a live blood test; she can’t believe how different she looks herself.

I would highly recommend my friends and family to come and see Dr Stephen Ferguson for a live blood test. We love The Natural Health Clinic, we love Dr Ferguson. He is doing an amazing job.


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