Doctor stephen ferguson – I was almost completely blind now cured – live blood test

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson at The Natural Health clinic after a friend recommended him to me for a live blood test.  For many years I had poor vision, severe headaches and as a result my mobility was affected in a such a way that I could not walk straight. Sometimes I was afraid to walk alone, more so at night. I was really depressed and very very sad. This affected my relationships with many people including those very dear to me like my mother, my girlfriend, close friends. As  a result I lost my job. Life at this point was a nightmare. I visited different health practices but none of them really was able to help me, but just ended up with a pile of medication. I tried counselling to help boost my confidence, but the sickness was still there and I was longing for it to go.


I visited Dr. Stephen Ferguson at The Natural Health Clinic for a full body MOT, and a live blood test. When Dr Stephen Ferguson did the live blood test the results were not good, my blood was so clogged after years of unhealthy eating.  This is the first time I ever saw and heard of a live blood test. I could see my blood stream live and when Dr Stephen Ferguson showed me the normal one to compare with mine, I realised that mine was badly infected. He urged me to start a healthy diet, gave me a list of healthy natural foods to eat and put me on daily vitamins, to help cleanse my blood. Dr. Stephen Ferguson motivated me to get better, and asked me to follow the programme if I wanted to get better results in the future. I left the clinic feeling a lot better, something I had not felt in very long time because he had told me something new that no one else had told me before. I followed his advice and just after a few weeks of using his vitamins, my vision got better. I could see things clearly that I was not able to see before, was able to use the computer without much strain, those intense headaches disappeared completely and could even walk straight, and was not afraid to walk at night. By the end of the programme I was a new person, my life was back on track, my vision was excellent, I was so happy with myself.  I was I am so grateful to Dr Stephen Ferguson because he was able to do something for me no one else was able to.


I was happy with myself; I had got my life back. My social life was back on track, my confidence was boosted. I was even able to find work. I am glad I contacted Dr. Stephen Ferguson, and would highly recommend him to all my friends and family. I still visit the clinic for check ups and continuously use his vitamins. Thank you Dr Stephen Ferguson for giving me my life back.


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