Doctor Stephen Ferguson – Full time employment again, my constant tiredness gone – live blood test

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because I had Chronic Fatigue. I had never seen someone so tired in my entire life. I felt like I didn’t have any bones, no energy whatsoever. I was the laziest person you could ever imagine. I even lost my job because of the illness. Before the diagnosis, I could not keep up with my job demands, could not meet the deadlines. Most of the time I would call in sick for work, or leave work early. After a while my manager became fed up with me and gave me my notice. I didn’t even contest his decision; I just thought I needed to seek medical help.

My GP prescribed some medication, but it wasn’t much help either. I thought I was developing some kind of disability. A friend of mine had once told me about the live blood test, but I had never really thought of visiting Dr Stephen Ferguson until my illness had got to this stage.

After going from one clinic to another with out any change in the way I felt, I decided

to go and see Dr Stephen Ferguson for a live blood test. After he had done the test, he explained to me that my blood circulation was not good. So I was put on an 8 week programme to start with. This involved taking vitamins and food supplements plus exercising. Interesting enough having been on the programme for a few weeks, I felt better, felt more energetic. I could do many more things that I was so lazy to do before. I was a lot more active, I could walk without over tiring, I was healthier too, ate well and was exercising.  I also changed my diet completely, had to include a lot of natural foods which I didn’t eat before. I was more mobile, could go places so easily without wheezing. I felt lighter, as though a heavy load had been taken off my shoulders. My skin looked nice, not as pale like before which was an indication that I was getting better. I really felt good within myself. I kept getting complements from everyone and some people asking me what I was using. This made me feel so proud that finally change had come around.

By the end of the 8 weeks programme I was a completely new person. I didn’t need to take my medication anymore. The live blood test did wonders, and I would recommend everyone I know to go see Dr Stephen Ferguson and do a live blood test, very worth while experience.

I still take my vitamins and food supplements and also go to Dr Stephen Ferguson for check ups and to do live blood test once in a while to find out how well my blood is functioning.



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