Doctor Stephen Ferguson – Sciatic and sinus conditions greatly improved – live blood test

I first heard about Doctor Stephen Ferguson on galaxy radio. I was so interested in what he talked about especially nutritional stuff. I had a history of sinus problems before and my Gp prescribed inhalers whenever they were out of control, especially when  I had  a cold or cough. I also had an old injury from football that resulted into sciatic problems. My left limb was so much in pain, but I didn’t want to take pain killers. I had so much pain especially back pain. It was difficult for me to sit for a long time. I was in so much pain that it affected me both mentally and physically. I could not walk for a long time without straining my back. Some times I had a sharp pain behind my eyes, nasal bones and cheeks. I also had severe headaches when ever there was an inflammation of the sinuses.  Each time I complained about the pain Gp just prescribed more and more pain killers but I did not take any. I did not want to take medicines, I just put them away.

I decided to come and see Dr Stephen Ferguson for a live blood test. This was the first time I ever did one, I was a bit nervous imagining what to expect. The live blood test results showed that my blood was not good. Dr Stephen Ferguson gave me nutritional advice, I had to change my eating habits and what I actually ate. I was put on  8 weeks programme to start off and this involved taking vitamins and food supplements.

Few weeks after my initial visit, I felt better. I was so happy I felt better without the pain killers. The pain in my left limb was so much better now.  I could sit for a long time without my back hurting. I could even lift heavy stuff although carefully which I was not able to do before I came to see Dr Stephen Ferguson. Amazingly I have rejoined the gym now to keep fit and can play football. By the end of the programme I felt my best. My sinuses were manageable; all the pain was no more. I came back after the 8 weeks for another live blood test and my blood was all clear. I will continue taking the vitamins and food supplements.

I would recommend Dr Stephen Ferguson to each and everyone who has not come to see him to come and do the live blood test.


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