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Doctor Stephen Ferguson-Constant constipation gone, very life changing experience, outstanding! Live blood test

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health Clinic.  My girlfriend recommended me to see him because I have several health problems.  I was suffered from uncomfortable constipation, blood in my stools, acid reflux and also asthma.

I viewed Doctor Stephen Ferguson’s website before going to see him.  His treatment involved the natural way to health and wellbeing. There were also testimonials from satisfied customers ranging from all ages with different sicknesses.  So, I thought I would give it a try.

When I saw Doctor Stephen Ferguson, he did a full body MOT for me.  I was fascinated to see my live blood on screen.  It did not look good at that time, but Doctor Stephen Ferguson was confident that I would get better if I followed an eight week course health programme.  We discussed the problems I had; I was worried my stomach always felt unsettled sometimes with a burning feeling.  My constipation problem sometimes caused blood in my stools. I felt run down and no energy most of the time.  The run down feeling was worse when my asthma played up.

Doctor Stephen Ferguson wrote down a diet plan for me to follow on a daily basis.  I was surprised that the foods I was eating were causing my stomach problems, because when I changed my eating habits, it started to subside within a week.  I had an exercise plan to follow.  At times I did it at the gym, sometimes at home.  But I had to do some form of exercise daily to boost my health. I was prescribed some natural vitamins, a blood cleanser to clean up my blood and a natural protein health drink which I take before and after exercising.

Within a week, the blood in my stools cleared up.  In two weeks, my constipation was no longer a problem.  The burning feelings and discomfort I had in my stomach completely disappeared.  My asthma subsided and I did not have to use my inhalers by the fourth week.  I felt my energy and strength returning.  I had more strength to do my exercise.  I am thankful to my girlfriend who told me about Doctor Stephen Ferguson.  Now, I feel like a new man.  More energetic and I feel I can do anything.  My health feels great.  I continue with my programme and intent to make it as part of my daily life because it is a natural way to stay healthy.

Doctor Stephen Ferguson is as good as his word in healing the natural way.  If you suffer from health problems, try his health programme and see the results for yourself!  I recommend him to my friends and family now.


Doctor Stephen Ferguson; Long term digestive problems (acid reflux) gone! Live blood test

I suffer from bad acid reflux for a long while 13 years! I went to the GP several times who prescribed some medication. I went back several times, because, it did not seem to get any better. Mt GP then referred me to the hospital consultant near my area. The consultant put me on a series of tests, including an endoscopy and then on to a group for a series of trials. Unfortunately, that too was not particularly successful! So, I decided to try a different approach to try and get better rather than just medication!

Suffering from acid reflux frustrated me through the years! I could not enjoy a meal thoroughly. It caused a burning pain in my chest area, sometimes travelled to the throat. The taste in my mouth was not very pleasant even when the food taste good. My abdomen feels tight, sometimes bloated and tender. I feel nauseous at times. Other times its the burning sensation in my stomach or embarrassing burping! I lost weight more so than other times. My weight fluctuated. I was taking different tables to help with the pain and discomfort.

I visited Doctor Stephen Ferguson at his natural health clinic. He did a live blood test on me which I found very interesting. He also put me on an eight week health programme. It was a dietary programme which included health supplements. After a week and a half, I found so much improvement. I did not need to take my acid reflux medication after suffering for 13 years! My overall general health also improved greatly. I felt I had more energy and more life in me. I have been suffering with acid reflux for 13 years. It started when I was living abroad and now back home in the UK, that problem continued. I am so relieved, at last it has subsided.

Thanks Doctor Stephen Ferguson! My acid reflux is a thing in the past now!

I would recommend Doctor Stephen Ferguson to anyone with long term health problems such as mine. The natural way does work when medical science fails at times! I am a totally satisfied customer!

Doctor Stephen Ferguson – Bone crushing pain thankfully gone – live blood analysis

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because I suffered from arthritis for about 10 years

and acid reflux. I had joint pain and some times the bones felt like crushing. I was in so much pain for a very long time. My back was hurting, could barely sit for a long time, I could not even exercise, so with time put on a lot of weight. The Doctors kept telling me that I was clinically obese and that I had to lose weight, but realistically I could barely do any as most cardio exercises that can help with weight loss were not suitable for me.

A good friend of mine recommended me to Dr Stephen Ferguson for a live blood test. I was a bit afraid at first but then he convinced me that he was capable of curing my illness. So I finally made a decision to come and see Dr Stephen Ferguson and did the live blood test. However my blood was not nice at all. So he put me on the 8 weeks programme, where I was taking vitamins and other food supplements. He also recommended some light exercises that suited my illness. I was so surprised how different I felt just after a few weeks, my back pain reduced, the acid reflux was better. I felt so better, and light and more energy. By the end of the 8 weeks programme, I lost 2 stones, I was so happy. I had been trying to lose weight for a long time and now that it happened, I so much over the moon. I am so glad I came to see Dr Stephen Ferguson.