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Doctor Stephen Ferguson – My young boy had severe asthma and skin allergies. He was constantly tired and sluggish! He is bright and perky after a 4 week natural treatment programme! Live Blood Analysis

I brought my son to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson following my friend’s recommendation.  I took him to the Natural Health Clinic after many trips to the GP and my son was not getting any better.

My son suffers from asthma, skin allergies and painful boils on the head.  It got my son down; he became irritable and at times sluggish.  I found it difficult to manage him at home, sometimes I felt helpless when I see him unresponsive.  I let him be as he wants at times because I did not have the heart to be too strict with him.  He was not interacting well with his school mates; his school nurse had a chat with me about it.  His school work suffered because he was ill most times.

My son was on inhalers for his asthma.  He was also overweight.   I had to take him to the GP numerous times for his painful head boils which was treated with antibiotics.  His eczema played up constantly, especially on the arms and neck.  It was itch and weepy with scratch marks.

He did a live blood test on my son which fascinated him.  Doctor Stephen Ferguson was good with my son.  He got my son to talk about his problem and I could see my son responding well by offering more information to the Doctor.  He encouraged and motivated my son to take responsibility of his health condition at home and at school.  We went through the foods he ate and what wasn’t so good for him.  Doctor Stephen Ferguson put him on an eight week health programme.  It consisted of natural vitamins, a healthy diet plan and some exercises.

The results were great!  In one week, my son’s breathing and wheezing stopped.  He did not need to use his inhalers which were daily.  His skin on the neck and arms started to heal.  He made it a point to apply the natural skin cream prescribed by Doctor Stephen Ferguson twice daily.  My son lost weight, nearly a stone in two months which made him happy.  I treated him to some new clothes and that motivated him to stick to the health programme.

He was so happy to tell Doctor Stephen Ferguson of his progress in the next check up.  He has not used his inhalers since, the boils on his head has cleared up and no more new ones.  In his words to Doctor Ferguson, “ I feel happy, go for the challenge of being healthy”!

Thank you Doctor Stephen Ferguson.  You really encouraged and motivated my son and he is on the road to a healthier young boy!

Doctor Stephen Ferguson – My son’s suffering , asthma, eczema, head boils and obesity improved tremendously- live blood test

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because of my son, he suffered from asthma, eczema, head boils and he was overweight. Because of his weight, he was constantly bullied at school. He even hated school, kept telling me how he did not want to go back to school and how other children were always rude to him because of his weight. He had to rely on the asthma pump most of the time. He was worse in winter, had to run to hospital very often. He missed school a lot and was just doing catch up most of the time. As a mother it was very distressing and frustrating to watch your child suffering and you can’t do anything about it.

A friend of mine told me about the Natural Health clinic, and really encouraged me to try the live blood test. She was so passionate about it. So we decided to go for it. I made an appointment to see Dr Stephen Ferguson at The Natural Health Clinic. My son was so nervous to do the live blood test. But I convinced him that it would not hurt. Well his blood was not good, so Dr Stephen Ferguson put him on 8weeks programme, taking vitamins and food supplements. Just a week later his skin looked much better, clearer than before. He didn’t have to use the asthma pump at all. He didn’t have any reaction food like before, where he could react badly to certain foods. Most of all we stopped all the antibiotics. By the end of the 8weeks programme, he had lost 1stone and we both could not be happier. I am so relieved that after trying different things, we have finally found something that has helped my son.

Every one is so amazed at how great he looks, skin fresh and body slimmer. He says that he feels free and lighter. He is sticking on to the dietary requirements that Dr Stephen Ferguson recommended, as well as taking the vitamins and food supplements. He says that he would recommend any one who has not done the live blood test to try it. I would do the same too, because it has turned both me and my son’s lives around.

Doctor Stephen Ferguson – Signs of rheumatoid arthritis and asthma gone – live blood analysis

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because I had rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. The doctors put me on strong drugs, but the irony was that the drugs that were meant to make me feel better, instead made me worse in the sense that I was left with no energy, very achy body all over especially my back, jaws, wrists and feet. My body was deteriorating each day, kept losing more and more energy, and was very fatigued, very weak. My asthma was also bad at this time, very wheezy, felt very ill; I could not even run after a fly. I could not do anything, every bit of my body was paining, sleeping had become a problem, and because each time I lay down I felt like my bones were crushing. I became so lazy to go to work, wanted to do nothing most of the time. Or if I managed to go to work at all, I was not able to perform really and this put me in a very bad position with my manager. Whenever I told the Gp about my reaction to the drugs, he kept telling me to eat more and drink plenty, so not of much help there. And I was worried that if I didn’t take the drugs would face severe pain or even break down or even my worst fear of it all is having to use the wheel chair.

After two months of agony I came to see Dr Stephen Ferguson for a full body MOT, which involves doing a live blood test. I first heard about Dr Stephen Ferguson from you tube, when I saw a video of someone who was cured of fatigue. The Live blood test revealed that my blood circulation was not good. More the reason for me feeling the way I was feeling.

Dr Stephen Ferguson put me on 8 weeks programme which included taking vitamins and food supplements. He also advised me on changing my diet, to try and eat natural foods.. After a few weeks there was a big difference in the way I felt, I really felt amazing, lots of energy. No more back pain, my asthma was better, the wheezing completely gone, the sharp pain I had in my jaws and wrists gone as well. I went off the drugs completely. What I am eating now seems to be helping me rather than injuring me. Even Dr Stephen Ferguson was surprised at how well I felt when I went back for follow up appointment. He did another live blood test and this time my blood was all clear. The programme transformed my life completely; I am so glad and feel so blessed I came to the Natural Health clinic. And sure will continue taking the vitamins and food supplements.

I would recommend everyone to do a live blood test, its life changing, it changed mine. A few of my family friends have already done the full body MOT: the live blood test and they are also pleased with the outcome.