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Doctor Stephen Ferguson- I am so over the moon that I was able to beat the fatigue- Live blood test

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health Clinic following a family friend recommendation.  I was a lupus sufferer of thirteen to fifteen years.  The quality of my life was not great.  The problems associated with my illness were constant pain and extreme tiredness.  It was a challenge for me to be up in the morning.  I went to bed tired and I got up feeling tired before my day had begun!  I was on anti-inflammatory medication and steroids for as long as I can remember.   It gave me bad side-effects.  I gained weight, became irritable and suffered from hair loss.

Recently, I went to the Natural Health Clinic, where I was given a live blood test and a full body MOT.  The blood test was not brilliant.  My blood cells were almost dead like on the screen!  It shouldn’t look like that at all when compared to that of a healthy person!   I discussed my diet and daily lifestyle with Doctor Stephen Ferguson and what I hoped to achieve with my activities of daily living.

Doctor Stephen Ferguson put me on a natural health plan.  I was given multi vitamins, a blood cleanser and protein drinks to complement my diet.  I changed the type of foods I consumed on a daily basis.  I reduced the amount to specific foods and at regular intervals to maintain my energy levels.  I struggled but eventually managed to do daily gentle exercises at home.  I also used a natural shower gel and skin conditioner infused with vitamins on my skin.

By following the programme, it has enabled me to maximise my potential in life and to be able to live without so much pain.  I am not dependent on my pain killers as much as before following Doctor Stephen Ferguson’s health regime.  I feel one hundred percent better than what I felt before.  My energy has picked up so much and now I am able to do and get more involved with activities compared to previous constant tiredness and pain.  My skin and hair feels healthier and I lost weight, a stone and still continue to lose weight.   This was so good for me as I could not shed the weight as a result of the long term steroids I was on.

It has been a live changing experience for me since being on the health regime.  I continue the programme because I see and feel so different.  Energy, vitality and pain-less!

I totally endorse Doctor Stephen Ferguson’s health programme.  It has helped me with wonderful results and I’m sure he can help with yours too!






Doctor Stephen Ferguson – Embarrassing itchy condition healed, candida – live blood test

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health clinic because I was suffering from arthritis, fibroids, Candida.  As a result I had different sorts of discomfort. My body was all hurting, suffered from stiff shoulders, and severe back pain that made it very difficult for me to sit down for a long time. Candida caused my genital parts to itch terribly a situation which was very uncomfortable and embarrassing at times. I was bloated all the time, my stomach was full of gas, had severe constipation at one time and at other times diarrhoea. I also developed floaters and flashing lights in my eyes. So much was happening to me at the same time. I felt helpless having tried different kinds of treatment but nothing really seemed to work for me. I became very frustrated and distressed about the way I felt. My sexual drive went down the drain and this caused a lot of problems to my marriage.

I would say by sheer luck as I was searching for answers and help on the internet; I became aware of Dr Stephen Ferguson. After watching and listening to people’s testimonies on you tube, I highly considered visiting Dr Stephen Ferguson at The Natural Health Clinic. So I made an appointment to come and see Dr Stephen Ferguson for a live blood test. To say the truth, according to the live blood test, my blood was really disgusting, it was horrendous, more reason why I was so un well for such a long time. Dr Stephen Ferguson put me on 8weeks programme and put me on routine exercises. I had to take various vitamins and food supplements. After about 4 weeks on the programme, I felt a complete change in the way I felt. The thrush disappeared, the bloating and excess gas in my stomach reduced significantly and I had no problems moving my bowels like before.

At the end of the programme, my fibroids had shrunk because I could not feel the big lump in my tummy that I felt before. Even the discomfort I felt whenever I lay down especially flat on my stomach had gone. I felt light and great, full of energy, and very positive. I felt really better, my back pain and shoulder pain had completely gone. To my biggest surprise, when I came back to Dr Stephen Ferguson for another live blood test, my blood was so fresh, I could not stop smiling.

I would recommend everyone to come to Dr Stephen Ferguson and do alive blood test.